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Blog id#9, unique_id#24825815, was posted by Bogdan, 2018-10-12 at 11hr.

Zodiac and Decans Spirits Nowadays Activities


  Please Note; English is not my native language.

   I would like to share some of my experience on Zodiac and Decans spirits interacting with me, as per my spiritual experience, see: The Mind Games of the "Higher and Lower Psychism" or the Archons, listening to John Lash Archons, Sophia and Gnosticism.

Since the consciousness is the fastest energy in total universe. And, since I distinctly could defect multiple spirits trying to connect to me. Therefore I got to the conclusion that throughout my spiritual experience, I was contacted via spirits managing life on our earth plane; by the spirits located in Aquarius Constellation, a distance of 11.27 light years from Earth; Aquarius belongs to the Zodiac family of constellations

I also think that great deal of those spiritual activities came from the ancient Decans spirits pushing lower spirits into action. It is brutal.
They done it to me. 24x7 for over 9 years.

I actually think that those days Decans spirits are intermixed with zodiac spirits.


long hour = 60 mins.

decan hour = 40 mins.

   In my spiritual experience I could definitely distinctly feel interaction of different energies.

I split a 24 hours day into 3 long hours zones, or 3 decan 12 hours zones.

Math. 3x8=24 hours, or decans 3x12=36 hours. I translate it into 36 decans activities every single day.

What it means; every day, every 40 mins. we are exposed to a different type of energy.

  Starting with very vicious energy - 6 mins. past midnight till about 6 mins. past 9 a.m. Then again, from 6 mins. past 9 am. till 6 mins. to 3 p.m. it was not bad, our sun energies offset it, then again 6 mins. past 3 p.m. their spiritual activities became progressively nasty till about 6 min. to midnight. I felt it for over 9 years. I could set a clock to withing an hour just observing those spirits activities on me.

   Without any doubt, the purpose of Decans activities described above is to occupy our minds on some mindless activities; good karma toward others is the only thing that counts. At the same time decans sneak on theirs energies into just about anyones mind, in order to take control of it. No error here. I did experience it countless times. The only defense against it we have is; our Free-Will, keep good karma alive.


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