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Blog id#9, unique_id#24825815, was posted by Bogdan, 2022-05-18 at 17hr.

Zodiac and Decans Spirits Nowadays Activities

 Please Note; English is not my native language. So, the style might be a bit off. Connected with the spirit world; not a single word I could exchange in my native language, English only.

   I would like to share some of my experience on Zodiac and Decans spirits interacting with me, as per my spiritual experience, see: The Mind Games of the "Higher and Lower Psychism" or the Archons, listening to youtube.com: John Lash Archons, Sophia and Gnosticism.

My spiritual awakening of 13 years initiated and conducted by the spirit world, in which I had no say for what next it will be happening to me, fully predetermined. It was manifested to me how the spirits managing this earth works.

I also think that great deal of those spiritual activities came from the ancient Decans and zodiac spirits pushing lower spirits into action. It is brutal.
I actually think that those days Decans spirits are intermixed with zodiac spirits.


long hour = 60 mins.

decan hour = 40 mins.

   In my spiritual experience I could definitely distinctly feel interaction of different energies.

I split a 24 hours day into 3 long hours zones, or 3 decan 12 hours zones.

Math. 3x8=24 hours, or decans 3x12=36 hours. I translate it into 36 decans activities every single day.

Starting with very strong, very controlling, almost vicious, but only for 3 hours; then with lesser negative energy 6 mins. past 3am. till about 6 mins. before 8 a.m. 


Never, ever on the hour. Always stopped 6 minutes before every hour and started again 6 minutes past the hour, always strongest in the middle :30 of every hour. 

Also, the strongest negative energy is beaming on Us, the Homo-Sapiens is from 6pm. to 6am., when the darkness is manifested, the sun is down 

Then again, from 6 mins. past 8 am. till 6 mins. to 4p.m. it was not bad, our sun energies offsetted the negative energies by half in 12 hours apart. Then again 6 mins. past 4p.m. their spiritual activities became progressively negative till about 6 min. to midnight. At 8:30pm it was unbearably aggressive. I could set a clock to within 30min. just by observing those spirits activities on me.

Now, it seems that in general all living things on this planet are exposed to those pulses of the negative energies.

From what I did experienced it is. Every hour, in general could be split into 3 stages. Silence, from 6mins. before the hour till 6 mins. past the hour; then, 48 min. interactive, a female spirit, mostly when the sun was up bright, around 10:30a.m., always initiated a contact with me with a short gentle call, calling my nickname, followed by a male spirit that did all of the work, applying this negative energies till the 6 mins. before the end of the hour. As I said, those negative pings/pulses of energies are offsetted by our Sun energies, by around 1/2 in 12 hours apart.

   Without any doubt, the purpose of local spirits activities described above is to occupy our minds on some mindless activities; good karma toward others is the only thing that counts. At the same time local spirits are trying to sneak on the homo-sapiens theirs energies into just about anyones mind, in order to take control of it. No error here. I did experience it countless times. The only defense against it that we have is; our Free-Will, keep good karma alive.


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